Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Spaniards know how to party

I've already told you about how ALIVE Santiago is. 

Tonight I am in Bilbao, and, for some reason, there is a festival going on here.  Take a look at these pictures which are taken from my pension's room window.  This is occurring all over the city. 

I have asked several locals what the festival is celebrating.  No one seems to know. Any excuse for a good party. 

Unfortunately I am not able to be as much a part of this as I would like because something did not agree with me today.  I'm ok, but I have had the chance to visit several "servicios" today. 


  1. The crowds are so big, the sidewalks and streets are swallowed up! Denise

  2. Neil - Glad that you completed your heroic journey. Probably you've done your biking for the year. What shall we plan to do next year - another RSVP? I'm really kidding - I don't thin I'm ready for 2 more centuries in one weekend. Congrats on getting the ride done. None of the others can even contemplate such a bide ride! Glad you'll be home shortly. Clip And Ellie